“Since we got Scholar House Media, we have more leads than we know what to do with.”

Web Marketing


What makes our marketing efforts so effective is that our marketing director collaborates daily with our creative director and our art director. Oftentimes, large or segmented agencies are good at identifying web traffic hindrances and opportunities, but getting buy-in and approval from other departments can be difficult or an all-too-lengthy process. At Scholar House, our team understands that websites function best when they’re beautiful, functional, answer a user’s questions and are easy for Google to find and rank. And that is taken into account on every project we work on.

Case Studies

Marketing Services

Our clients, their business needs, and their websites are all unique. Some come to us with beautiful, mobile friendly websites that have minimal technical issues, but lack content that properly conveys the Expertise, Authority and Trust to users and Google needed to rank organically and convert visitors into customers. Other clients adequately address their customers’ needs in copy, but are saddled with outdated websites that lack the functionality and design expected by potential customers and search engines. Still others are interested only in improving lead generation as quickly as possible.

As a result, we have no cookie-cutter marketing packages. Our initial conversations with you will begin with gaining an understanding of your business needs, and conclude with a custom-built marketing opportunities deck that will show you what improvements need to be made on your site and why, allowing you to make a more informed decision as to where your marketing dollars will be going and what the anticipated return will be. These services include:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Ad Listings
  • Newsletter Development & Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Copywriting & Blog Content
  • Social Media Profile Management
  • Ongoing Client Consultation & Monthly Reporting

A few of our favorites

Below are a few examples of how organic and paid marketing campaigns work best when site performance and user experience are emphasized:

Ohio University

Ohio University’s selection of Sports Gambling Education courses focus on integrity, compliance, education and awareness in the increasingly legalized sports-betting industry.

Client Issue

Ohio University needed a custom website built that would function as an online learning platform where students could take their courses from anywhere. The site also needed copywriting and video content created to explain the course content and benefits, as well as lead generation - i.e. actual students!

Our Solution

This site is a good example of one that takes advantage of the full breadth of services provided by Scholar House Media. We custom built the website, wrote the on-page copy, shot and narrated promotional videos and worked in conjunction with Cyanna Education Services to develop video-based curriculum and provide courses in an online learning environment. Key courses and their landing pages were selected to function as Paid ad placement targets.

In the year since launch, “SGE” is ranking on Page 1 of Google for a number of non-brand, topically relevant phrases, has a steady stream of both Paid and Organic traffic, and in the year since launch has generated leads from across the professional and collegiate sports industry, selling over $100,000 worth of online courses.

Crispin Iron & Metal

Crispin owns and operates a metal scrap yard and recycling center in Central Ohio and was looking to acquire more leads through its website. This included buying and selling used automobiles and parts, as well as bulk metal recycling.

Client Issue

Crispin was spending hundreds of dollars in search ads every month designed to attract visitors and convert them into metal recycling leads and opportunities for buying junk cars for its used auto parts business. The ads attracted visits, but came in at a high Cost-Per-Click and rarely converted into leads as the site was not properly equipped with content and functionality.

Our Solution

Content and site navigation was updated to clearly differentiate and feature the two main services of Crispin. Prominent calls to action were placed throughout the site, encouraging users to submit a contact form. And we built and installed a fully functioning contact form that did not require a phone call and sent leads directly to the General Manager’s inbox. Once the site was able to perform as intended, existing ads were rewritten to reflect the site updates and unpaused.

Crispin’s number of incoming junk cars and web inquiries have now increased by over 300%. As a result, there are now plans in place to start a new customer rewards program, as well as staff expansion to handle the uptick in business.

Cyanna Education Services

Cyanna specializes in providing educational services to on-ground and online schools alike in the form of compliance consulting, curriculum development and educational software solutions to provide schools and institutions with a full-service online education platform.

Client Issue

Cyanna is an established, reputable company with an up-to-date, fully functional website with minimal technical issues. So why did they struggle to acquire consistent leads and have no non-brand keyword rankings to speak of?

Our Solution

On-page optimizations, written and video content creation, navigational updates, regular new page creation, and a full site migration moving Cyanna’s admissions CRM website to its primary website were prioritized to improve organic visibility and traffic. As it typically takes weeks or months for SEO to bear fruit, this work was supplemented with paid marketing campaigns designed to generate leads in the short-term.

Several non-brand Page 1 rankings of Cyanna’s core services have been established, organic search traffic is up 50% YOY, and leads are up 138% over the same time period of the previous year, resulting in website sales increases of over 215%.

Driveway Ohio

Driveway Ohio, a company that delivers custom driveway resurfacing solutions for commercial and residential clients, was stuck with an underperforming ad campaign that wasn’t producing enough leads for their services.

Client Issue

Driveway Ohio had a long-standing relationship with a big-box digital marketing agency that managed their website and paid placement ads designed to drive traffic and leads. The ad copy and budget made sense, but the website itself had been neglected, resulting in high PPC costs and underperforming lead generation.

Our Solution

Content was rewritten to succinctly describe to customers the products available and likely outcomes upon purchase, prominent calls to action were placed on ad destination landing pages, and an on-site Request-a-Quote form was added so that leads could be processed without need of a phone call. Only once the site was ready to receive ad traffic, did we turn them on.

Direct quote from the client, “Since we got Scholar House Media, we have more leads than we know what to do with.” PPC costs have been reduced exponentially, leads are rolling in, and Driveway Ohio needed to hire more drivers to meet the new growth in business-- which we also helped them do via an on-site job application & social media campaigns.

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