"An incredible marketing company that is data driven. The best group to work with."
- Daniel Ortiz, Director of Business Development - Cyanna

Our Clients: Who’s at Scholar House?

At Scholar House Media, we recognize that every industry presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities: that’s why we specialize in creating customized marketing strategies that reflect the distinct character and objectives of the industries we serve. From local driveway companies to niche tech platforms, our diverse portfolio is a testament to our ability to adapt, learn, and deliver exceptional results. The first question we’ll ask you is “What is the goal of your website?” And we’ll build a marketing plan for you and your website from there.

Career Colleges & Schools

We provide innovative marketing solutions that connect potential students with career schools. From vocational training centers to high-tech academies, we ensure your institution stands out in the crowded field of educational offerings. Over half the staff at Scholar House Media has worked in education and helps to consult clients alongside Cyanna Education Services– we bring firsthand experience to the table in understanding our educational clients’ needs.

The Beauty Industry

Step into the spotlight with campaigns as striking as your creations. We help beauty schools, medspas and brands showcase their expertise, services and products, helping to make an unforgettable impression.

Food & Entertainment

Whether it's dining, drama, or dynamic sports events, our content & client services make sure your entertainment values shine. From helping to train staff to attract new customers, we help engage audiences, staff and stakeholders with unforgettable experiences.

Technology & Software

Whether your company offers hardware, software or XR, our tailored campaigns help you navigate the complex tech landscape. Oftentimes, clients selling Software as a Service have very niche potential clients they need to reach, so our marketing campaigns cater to that level of specificity. Get ready to outsmart the competition and educate your audience with cutting-edge solutions.

Blue Collar Trades

We hammer home your brand's strength and reliability, attracting the right customers who value hard work and craftsmanship. Whether you're in excavation, roofing, or any trade in between, we construct campaigns that work as hard as you do.

Membership Organizations

Enhance membership and engagement with strategies & support that spotlight the advantages of joining your organization. We help support the organizations that do so much to support their stakeholders, members and constituents.

Join Our Honor Roll of Successful Brands

Ready to elevate your brand to the head of the class? Contact Scholar House Media today, and let’s start crafting your success story. Join the ranks of our esteemed clients and see why they trust us to lead their marketing to academic heights. Don’t just graduate your expectations— exceed them with Scholar House Media!

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